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Apple Watch X reportedly coming with revolutionary health feature

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Apple Watch X reportedly coming with revolutionary health feature-GadgetAny
Apple Watch X

Image credit : 9to5Mac

A groundbreaking innovation, potentially named Apple Watch X, is reportedly in development to commemorate the 10th generation of Apple’s smartwatch line. An emerging report hints at significant advancements with the enigmatic Apple Watch X, which could include the introduction of a much-anticipated health sensor.

According to a recent newsletter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, this new iteration, Apple Watch X, might be unveiled either in 2024 or 2025. Notably, this device is expected to be more than just an incremental update, as it is anticipated to showcase remarkable features like a MicroLED display and technology for monitoring blood pressure.

Apple Watch X
Image credit : CNBC

The notion of an Apple Watch with blood pressure measurement capabilities has circulated for several years. In more recent health-related developments, Apple’s attention appeared to be directed towards blood glucose readings for a forthcoming watch. However, as of April 2022, Gurman pointed to 2024 as the targeted year for Apple’s potential blood pressure tool, despite some delays attributed to accuracy concerns.

Ensuring accuracy has posed challenges, with the FDA’s guidelines for non-invasive blood pressure monitors demanding rigorous testing and proof of precision for consumer devices. If granted approval, the Apple Watch X would join a select group of devices authorized for wrist-based blood pressure measurements. Although traditional blood pressure cuffs remain the gold standard for accuracy, the convenience of swiftly obtaining readings from any location could be a game-changing advantage, enabling users to detect potential issues before they escalate.

The Apple Watch has already established itself as a genuine health monitoring tool. From detecting AFib to providing alerts for high or low heart rates, gauging skin temperature, and sensing blood oxygen levels, the device offers comprehensive insights into the user’s well-being. Moreover, it presents this information in a format conducive to easy sharing with medical professionals, if necessary.

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The inclusion of a blood pressure monitor would propel this functionality even further. According to the CDC, nearly half of all adults experience hypertension or high blood pressure, underscoring the potential impact of accessible and prompt readings. Particularly noteworthy would be if the Apple Watch’s version of this tool could perform proactive background readings for users needing close monitoring of their blood pressure. Such a development could greatly contribute to early intervention and better management of health conditions.

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