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Apple Workers in Oklahoma Vote to Unionize

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Apple Workers in Oklahoma Vote to Unionize-GadgetAny
Apple Workers in Oklahoma Vote to Unionize

Another group of Apple employees at a different retail location have also decided to unionize, following the threat of a union from workers in Maryland last June.

According to a story from The Verge, the Oklahoma City Apple Pen Square store’s staff voted to unionize with 56 yes votes and 32 no votes. A total of 95 regular full-time and part-time employees at the store cast their usual full-time and part-time votes. 

Out of 270 locations, this was the second election that an Apple shop in the US conducted. The National Labor Relations Boards and its states announced the outcome, which marked the employees’ first success in their fight to organize a union. 

Apple Workers in Oklahoma Vote to Unionize

The Communications Workers of America will accommodate the workers, including AT&T, Mobility, Verizon, and other members who have been employed in the IT sector recently.

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Sara Steffens, the secretary-treasurer of the union, claimed that employees who chose to organize a union were subjected to a vigorous anti-union campaign. “Apple retail employees around the nation will continue to organise,” she continued. “Especially after this significant triumph.”

The New York Times stated that when one Atlanta retailer submitted a petition for a union election in April of last year, unionization discussions began. But once the company announced a raise and offered benefits, the Atlanta location withdrew.

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Despite the withdrawal, the business in Oklahoma City continued to plan the election and had already established a committee. As a result, other workers became motivated to join the union. Last September, the store submitted its petition.

According to a worker by the name of Patrick Hart, many coworkers have looked into the impact that joining a union will have on them and their jobs. 

He said, “We are all incredibly educated individuals – Apple recruits a particular type of person, and we know how to conduct investigations.”

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