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Apple’s AirTag 4-pack drops to $87

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Apple’s AirTag 4-pack drops to $87-GadgetAny
Apple AirTag

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Now is a wonderful opportunity to purchase new Apple AirTags if you’ve been wanting to: The four-pack of Bluetooth trackers is now on sale for $87. Although it’s not quite a record low, the price is still 12 percent cheaper than what the pack usually sells for. Additionally, the price is unquestionably among the lowest we’ve seen for the combo on Amazon. Even while an AirTag only costs $28, now is a fantastic time to acquire a few so you can use the Find My app to track multiple items, such as bags, valuables, or even pets, simultaneously.

Buy now : Apple AirTag on Amazon for $87

With only one swipe, the Apple AirTag can quickly associate with your iPhone or iPad. Once they are paired, you may use your device to find where it is right now and to play a sound through the speaker to guide you to what you’re looking for. You can even utilize precision locating to get to each individual AirTag if you have a more recent iPhone that supports Ultra Wideband technology. You can set AirTag in “lost mode” in case you do lose something you’re tracking so that you’ll be alerted when the Find My network of Apple devices finds it.

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