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Apple’s Chief of information systems & online store are leaving the company

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Apple’s Chief of information systems & online store are leaving the company-GadgetAny

Two more Apple executives will leave their posts in the coming months, affecting the operations of the division they will be leaving, months after two distinct Apple executives did.

According to reports, Apple Information System Head Mary Demby and Apple Online Store Vice President Anna Matthiasson are planning to depart the organization. 

The highest-level roles that will be vacated are those that directly answer to Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive officer. Uncertainty surrounds Matthiasson’s choice to depart the business. She held this post for three years, however, she held other positions at Apple before becoming an executive.

Apple's Chief of information systems & online store are leaving the companyac

Karen Rasmussen, who most recently worked in e-commerce before landing the current position, will take over for Matthiasson.

She co-led the Apple Online Store with the team’s president, which was crucial to the business, particularly during the pandemic when all physical retail stores were shut down for months. 

Before she introduced Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey had this post. Bailey currently manages Apple Wallet, Apple Card, and additional financial services that the company provides. Demby, who has worked for the organization for approximately three decades, is currently leaving due to retirement. According to Bloomberg’s report, no choices have been made regarding who would be chosen to fill the job, hence it is now vacant.

Apple Revised App Store

However, David Smoley, who served as Demby’s team’s vice president in 2019, could take Demby’s post. Smoley worked for the large pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca as its chief information officer.

Evans Hankey is also departing the company, according to Bloomberg, which was published days before the two executives’ resignations were officially announced.

The job is still open as of right now, and the corporation is still considering who will take her place. Together with Alan Dy, she previously served as the organization’s design leader in 2019, the same year Jony Ive left Apple. 

She collaborated closely with Ive throughout this process, therefore she was also involved in how the company’s goods were produced.

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