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Apple's Clock App Can Now Run Multiple Timers Simultaneously- How To Set It?

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(Image credit- iMore) Apple has introduced labels and added support for multiple timers in the iOS 17 update for the Apple Clock app.
This new feature will make it easier for users to manage various timers at a time, for instance, you can run multiple timers while doing household for many chores at a time.
According to the reports, aside from the addition of sleep schedules for the time of day five years ago, iOS software updates have not paid much attention to the Apple Clock app. It meant that while the Apple Clock did not receive updates with every new iOS software version, other apps did.

Apple's Clock App Can Now Run Multiple Timers Simultaneously

The Clock app now has a new feature that lets it run multiple timers at once, due to the recent Apple iOS 17 update. Users will supposedly be able to run not two, but three timers simultaneously thanks to the new feature.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Apple's Clock App Finally Lets You Run Multiple Timers on Your iPhone at the Same Time « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks Image credit- iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks[/caption]   However, users would need to use third-party apps in order to run multiple timers simultaneously prior to the new iOS 17 release, which provided the newest capability. Also read: How to Back Up Your Data on Apple Watch Furthermore, other approaches include employing extra devices to execute more timers or relying on more complex shortcuts. Apple customers needed to run multiple devices in order to run timers concurrently, before this update, as per the reports. The new function is included in the iPadOS 17 and iPhone iOS 17 releases. But now, it was mentioned that users would be able to use the Clock app to set numerous timers at once. In addition to this, users can also employ Live Activities, which can be shown on the Lock Screen or in the Notification Center, to run various timers. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]How to set multiple timers on iPhone in iOS 17 Image credit- AppleInsider[/caption]

How to Set Multiple Timers in the Apple Clock App?

Users must access the Timers page in the Clock app in order to set the first timer. The feature now goes by the name of the Timers tab. When it offered a single timer, it was known as a Timer.
  • Open the Apple Clock App, and click on the Timers tab.
  • After that, users just need to click the addition icon, follow the on-screen instructions, or pick from pre-made timers if they wish to set up several timers.
  • When timers are running, users may then modify the sounds and specify the seconds, minutes, and hours through the When Timer Ends option.
  • In case they are running three timers at once, users can mark the timer to prevent confusion.
  • If users only have one timer, a label reportedly is not required. The user can click Start to start the timer or timers once they have been set up.
Meanwhile, users can also ask Siri to start a timer as another option. If users want to label the timer, they can do so through the command as well. When users launch the Clock app and select the Timers tab, they will be able to preview the timer after it has been created.

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