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Apple's iMessage is now supported on Windows 11 Phone Link by Microsoft

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Microsoft Phone Link app to gain iMessage and notifications support for Windows 11 (Image credit- iThinkDifferent)

In its most recent move for its Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft is allowing iPhones to use its Phone Link feature, even though Cupertino devices are already qualified to use its alerts and other features on the PC. Microsoft said on the last day of February that an iPhone user preview of the Phone Link, which extends the phone-to-PC link to Apple's proprietary system, is now available. Users can sign up for access on their own devices while it is still in the beta phase and is mostly available to developers and beta testers. Soon, Windows 11 might have access to iPhone alerts and allow users to send and receive text messages and phone calls from their PC. For customers who are interested, the Windows Insider Program offers iPhone integration on Windows 11 PCs, with a future update on their eligibility to test the newest feature. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="920"]Microsoft brings iMessage to Windows 11 with Phone Link for iOS | Trusted  Reviews Image credit- Trusted Reviews[/caption] As long as it is connected to the iPhone on a single network, one of the unanticipated features to emerge in this situation is the Phone Link's ability to receive and send iMessages via the Windows integration. Nevertheless, it was said that there was now a catch to this, as using Windows 11's Phone Link, users could not backread the discussion from several contacts. Green continues to be a neutral color on Windows 11, making it difficult to discern between green and blue bubbles received via iMessage. One of the most recognizable features of Windows 11 is how well it integrated smartphone experiences with those on the Computer, giving Microsoft an advantage over Apple. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Microsoft's Windows 11 Phone Link Now Supports iMessage for iPhones | Tech  Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] It works through the Phone Connect feature on Windows 11 computers and with an app for Android that is extensively used online and through the Google Play Store. It has all of the useful features found on Mac, but it also enhances what Apple and macOS provide their users. A feature not present on Apple's macOS, which primarily focuses on iMessage and FaceTime only, is the ability for separate notifications to appear on the smartphone from other installed programs. Also read: Sunbird Is The Much-Anticipated iMessage For Android App Phones for Windows and Android Link was its competitive edge over Apple's macOS, which is still only available on Apple hardware but is now readily accessible to iPhone users. In this unanticipated addition, iMessage also appears on Windows 11. It has less features than what Apple provides for Mac computers but is still a solid place to start for typical PCs.

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