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Apple’s upcoming 24-inch iMac release could occur earlier than expected

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Apple’s upcoming 24-inch iMac release could occur earlier than expected-GadgetAny

New iMac (M2, 2023): Everything you need to know. (Tech Advisor)

According to a recent report from AppleInsider, Apple is in the dusk of developing its updated 24-inch iMac, which is rumored to be lined up for release in the upcoming half of 2023.

Additionally, Mark Gurman also predicted in January that Apple may release the iMac until the launch of M3 chips., which was expected somewhere between late 2023 to early 2024.

Gurman stated that the latest iMac got the engineering validation testing (EVT) stage, also the production testing phase. Furthermore, it can give hints that the new model will be ready for assembly-line production in at least three months.

New iMac (M2, 2023) Release Date, Specs & Redesign Rumours - Tech Advisor
Image credit- Tech Advisor

However, when Apple released the refurbished iMac in 2021, it intensified the all-in-one design with an assortment of dual-color options and a larger, 11.5mm-thinner 24-inch display.

Also, it is assumed that the new 24-inch iMac will be the same size as the current model, with the same color scheme, but with the alteration to the stand and the advancement of some internal components.

AppleInsider also claimed that the iMac may be one of the first computers to use chips from the M3 generation if its manufacturing accord with the chip’s schedule.

Although, Gurman declared that Apple’s M3 chip will be included in the next generation of 24-inch iMacs, making the M3-powered iMac more credible than ever before.

Apple released the iMac 24 years ago and it's better than ever | AppleInsider
Image credit- AppleInsider

Speculation is rife that the new chips will be developed using a new 3nm manufacturing process to improve performance and power efficiency. Also, the M3 chip should be an augmentation over the M2.

Apple significantly progresses in manufacturing its own chips which renounce Intel processors. Additionally, in the lineup of iterations of the Apple in-house chip production, it is anticipated that the latest M3 chip and the iMac may be the first device of its own kind.

Apple executed a new iMac pricing in 2021, with the entry-level model costing $1,299, so it can be a calm breeze for the buyers that this boosted design will get less increment in its price.

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In addition to this, Gurman predicted that three new Macs will be released between late spring and summer alongside the iMac. And the list includes the New MacBook Air with a 15-inch display, although previous rumors suggested a launch in late 2023.

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