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Apptronik Launches New Human-Robot Apollo: A Competitor For Tesla Bot

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image credit - engadget.com Another robot that looks like a person has been made by a company in Texas. Apollo, the new robot worker from Apptronik, looks like the real deal and is nothing like the bulky, awkward machines that are sometimes shown at these kinds of events. That's possible because Apollo is the best of everything Apptronik has learned from making more than 10 other robots, including NASA's Valkyrie humanoid robot. Apollo already has the skills and strength to work well in warehouses and factories, but the company says that if its design is improved in the future, it could help out in industries like construction, oil and gas, electronics manufacturing, retail, home delivery, and care. Apptronik put up a bunch of videos this week that show what the humanoid robot can do so far, which includes unloading, lifting, carrying, and stacking items. Some of the footage can be seen below: https://youtu.be/uJOA5IDaL5g https://youtu.be/8gipPuB-D38 https://youtu.be/IYVB0JDMOJs https://youtu.be/rMqt8gbjIao  

Features Of Apptronik’s Apollo

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Size And Weight

Apollo is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. The robot can carry up to 55 pounds of weight and can work for four hours on a single charge. Apollo can quickly get a new battery, so it won't have to take long coffee breaks while it waits to charge. This is good news for its boss.


One of the videos shows that the robot has digital displays on different parts of its body so that it can talk to its human bosses or close human workers if there are any. Apollo is equipped with a number of sensors that make sure it stays away from people and other objects in the area.

Software Suit

The package also comes with a software suite that lets you control Apollo with a point-and-click interface and set it up to do different jobs automatically. Also read - Man Builds Robotic Barber To Get Haircut Done At Home

What Are Similarities And Limitations Of Apollo?

People who keep up with the progress of humanoid robots will have noticed that the Tesla Bot and Xiaomi's CyberOne robot have some things in common. Boston Dynamics, which is owned by Hyundai, has also made a lot of progress in making highly flexible mobile robots for the workplace. Humanoid robots haven't had a big effect on the industry yet because of their design flaws. Instead, fixed robots made for specific tasks are more likely to be used.

What Does Company Say About Apollo?

Jeff Cardenas, co-founder and CEO of Apptronik, said in a press release, "As labor issues and employment trends continue to affect our economy, we need to completely change the way we think about work, especially in the warehouse and supply chain." "People don't want to do repetitive, physically demanding work in hard situations, and they shouldn't have to. Humanoid robots are not just a solution to this problem. They are a necessity. Because Apollo has a long history in robotics, it is in a unique situation to step in and make a difference. Apollo's price hasn't been set yet, but Apptronik wants people who want to use the robot at their jobs to get in touch.

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