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Are You Looking For Laptops? Here Are The Best Ones To Own In 2023!

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Are You Looking For Laptops? Here Are The Best Ones To Own In 2023!-GadgetAny

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Throughout the years, we’ve tested and reviewed more than 500 laptops in an effort to find the best of the best. Yet in order to claim the title of greatest laptop in 2023, it must have everything: stunning design, incredible performance, a useful keyboard, long battery life, and much more.

Whether it’s an inexpensive Chromebook or a fully loaded gaming laptop, each of the machines has been properly tested. The Dell XPS 13, our top pick for the best laptop is the option that is suggested to most people, but something from the list below should work for you.

The best laptops for 2023 - CBS News

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MacBook Air M1 by Apple

Although being two years old and having been replaced by the M2 MacBook Air, the M1 MacBook Air is still a terrific value, especially for those looking for the best MacBook. This is incredibly powerful, yet offers unbelievable amounts of battery life, all while being fully fanless, thanks to the industry-changing M1 processor. There is still no Windows laptop that can compete two years later. The only drawback is that there is only one external monitor port available, but at least there are two USB-C connections and a MagSafe 3 charging port. Simply said, this laptop offers a lot for the money and is unquestionably among the finest for college students and anyone who performs a lot of computing.

Dell XPS 13 (9315)

A stunning tiny notebook with a price like no other is the Dell XPS 13. This makes the base configuration one of the least expensive XPS laptops ever. Prices for the base configuration typically range between $749 and $999. It includes all the high-end features, including 512GB of storage, an amazing IPS screen, and a comfy keyboard. It has impressively small bezels and is quite compact, however losing the headphone port is a drawback. Given its low price, excellent battery life, and stylish design, even though its performance may be a touch lacking compared to other 12th-generation Intel-powered laptops, it is still worth it.

New XPS 13 Plus Laptop (2022) - YouTube

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Chromebook Duet 3 from Lenovo

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 handily defeats all other top Chromebooks thanks to its wide feature set and amazingly affordable price. 2000 x 1200 resolution on its 10.9-inch screen makes it even better than a 1080p display. It is quite crisp and works well for both writing and reading text. Working near windows is not a problem because to its brightness, which can reach up to 400 nits. This is the best device for working while on the go because it also has a 5-megapixel camera for reliable videoconferencing. You may easily explore into the top Android apps for ChromeOS, which performs admirably as a business or educational tool. Even better, it competes with products like the iPad at this price and outperforms it because it has a superior operating system.

Razer Blade 14

Razer has managed to cram a lot into a 14-inch laptop that is incredibly thin. This sleek gaming laptop has a Ryzen 9 5900HX processor, an RTX 3080 GPU, and a 1440p screen with a 165Hz refresh rate. Even the 1080p variant comes with an RTX 3060 GPU. Also, this is the only Razer Blade 14 powered by AMD Ryzen, giving you the longest battery life of any gaming laptop we’ve tested. Even down to the per-key RGB lights and Razer logo, it is pricey yet attractive. The Razer Blade 14 feels like a design miracle compared to larger gaming laptops like the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro or the Razer Blade 15, which are both powerful and svelte.

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