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As China quickly adopts EVs, Li Auto Inc. releases the L8 SUV to outsell competitors

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The L8, a six-seat SUV, was introduced today by Li Auto Inc., according to South China Morning Post. The manufacturer will bet on this model to outsell its global rivals, like Audio, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. The Pro and Max trim versions of the L8 will be offered. These vehicles provide approximately a hundred features that focus on the comfort, luxury, and safety of the driver and passengers, giving users "flexible choices of smartness." Pre-orders have already begun, and the base model will cost $50,730. According to a press statement on Li's website, customers may expect to receive their electric vehicles later this year because deliveries will start in November. With a 3005mm wheelbase, this car will be 5090mm long, 1995mm wide, and 1800mm high. Along with its size, it has a 7.3.4 Dolby panoramic audio-visual system, Magic Carpet suspension, and wheels with an extended-range electric system. Li Auto Inc. releases the L8 SUV It will offer an intelligent driving AD Pro for the Pro models, the first in the world to support the Journey 5 chip. Horizon Robotics is the company that created these chips. Along with this, an intelligent console called the SS Pro will be offered, supported by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8115 processor and two 15.7-inch front-facing panels. Li L8 Max Model Max models will offer AD Max that uses dual Orin X chips and lidars from NVIDIA. These models will also incorporate various automated driving safety redundancy technologies.  Similar to the Pro variants, the SS Max will also be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 processors, but it will have three 15.7-inch front-facing cameras instead of two. China's electric vehicle manufacturing rates will be increased by 30% over the next three months, up from 25% in August, according to UBS Analyst Paul Gong. This just demonstrates how quickly the country has embraced electric vehicles.  Meanwhile, Li Auto founder Phate Zhang explained that as a result, the company would concentrate on serving Chinese buyers of Benz, BMW, and Audi.

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