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As illnesses wrack the US ahead of the holidays, officials and experts call for masking.

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Children's hospitalization rates for RSV infections are decreasing, but remain unusually high. Influenza-like illnesses account for more than one out of every thirteen doctor's visits. In 42 states, the transmission of respiratory infections is high or very high. As respiratory illnesses rise, health officials and experts are renewing calls for masking. Covid- The number of cases and hospitalizations is increasing, potentially indicating the start of a dreaded winter wave. When community levels are high, the Cdc says that all those over the age of 2 wear a high-quality mask in public, indoor areas. The agency continues to advise people to wear masks when using public transportation, which includes planes, buses, trains, and subways. Because of an "unprecedented surge" in viral respiratory infections, residents in Washington state are being advised to wear masks indoors. When in an enclosed space, health officials suggest that everyone wear a high-quality, well-fitting mask. The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza, and COVID-19 are all being studied. As the COVID-19 Community Level in the area rises to "high," public health officials in New York City and Los Angeles compel residents to wear masks. "Every individual, every visitor, our health care workers, essential workers," Ferrer says. The masks have the potential to reduce disease, hospitalization, and death. The CDC is "actively investigating" incorporating transmission rates for all respiratory illnesses into its community-level categories, which determine when people should wear masks. If the authority made such a change soon, masking recommendations could become effective for the vast majority of Americans. Former US Surgeon General Jerome Adams posted a photo of himself in an airport wearing a face mask.

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