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At 41, this woman dates very young men as she relishes being a cougar”

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At 41, this woman dates very young men as she relishes being a cougar”-GadgetAny

Carla Jones thinks she shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate her sexuality, liking, at 41, dating boys at a very young age, and being a cougar in order to serve as an example for those women her age or older.

For some people, meeting their partner’s family and loved ones can be a difficult experience. Uncomfortable queries can also be anticipated if there is an age difference…

To meet her new lover, Carla Jones, whose name has been altered, recently persuaded her parents to fly from Australia to the UK. which caught them completely off guard.

A claimed cougar

Designer Carla Jones, 41, of London, prefers to date guys who are at least ten years her junior. BB, her current boyfriend, is just 28 years old.

Carla claims that she should not feel ashamed of her decisions, much from being troubled by the age difference. Carla, a self-described cougar, has always enjoyed younger guys, especially after her divorce when she realized this was a crucial element for her new stories.

A difficult time

Carla told the Mirror newspaper, “I ended up going out with younger individuals in my late twenties and early thirties when I was living abroad.” They were more enjoyable and accepting, and I was drawn to that, she continued.

Six years her junior, one of her men ends up becoming her husband. However, the pair divorced in 2019 after five years of marriage. She remembered, “It was a rough moment. “Most of my friends were married with kids or lived on the other side of the world, and I didn’t feel good about myself.” Additionally, Carla signed up on Tinder in May 2020 to end her celibacy.

To feel wanted again

“You select your interests, location, gender, and age on Tinder. I recall starting with mine, 38, and gradually lowering it, Carla recalled. To her great astonishment, she immediately realizes that she “matches” a lot with men who are much younger than her. “I found it hard to believe.

I had just asked myself, “Are you serious?,” she responded. She feels encouraged seeing so many young men approaching her after she assumed she would be single forever following her divorce. It felt great, she exclaimed.

Love to many

Carla goes on her first date with a 30-year-old man after spending two hectic weeks on the dating app. “I wanted to put an end to my marriage, unwind, and enjoy myself. But I was concerned,” she admitted. Would he recognize the’real’ me as a young man or would he suspect deceptive advertising?

She went on. Luckily for Carla, everything goes really smoothly at the meeting. She said, “It was like winning the lottery.” He was so cute and gave me so much love and attention. Both the date and the sex were fantastic, she claimed. After two years, Carla continues to have amazing encounters with younger men and even dates multiple men at once. She stated, “Four was the maximum.”

Rediscover your sexuality

Carla still feels genuinely liberated as a result of this encounter. She claimed, “I regained my sexuality and realized what pleasure means to me. Carla has a special attraction to guys “25-30 years old,” despite the fact that she is not a particular “kind” of woman.

“When we were younger, our outlook on life and levels of maturity were too dissimilar to have a genuine connection. Older, they’re typically seeking a woman, she observed. She asserts that men in this age bracket are also more tolerant. It can be challenging for her to date someone her own age or older because she doesn’t desire children and has come to the realization that monogamy isn’t for her.

A cougar fantasy

If Carla is happy with her decisions, the quarantine frequently draws harsh criticism on TikTok to the point when she stops reading the comments. Not to mention that some guys wind up being hungry, offer her unwelcome attention, and don’t think twice about sending her uninvited sexy images.

She said, “They watched porn as children that fetishize older women and don’t view me as a unique person. I’m just a cougar fantasy, they say, someone who wants to be a sugar mom or is desperate to have sex with every young man.

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