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At SXSW on Friday, Disney unveiled its newest robots

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In a presentation titled "Creating Happiness: The Art and Science of Disney Parks Storytelling," given by Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D'Amaro, a robot with the head of a bunny and a child-size frame tumbled out of a box, somersaulted, and roller skated. A small rabbit with rollerblades that resembles Judy Hopps from Zootopia if she were real and a Terminator were all unveiled by Disney Imagineers and parks chairman Josh D'Amaro at today's SXSW panel on The Art and Science of Disney Parks Storytelling. It follows in the footsteps of characters developed by Tony Dohi and Morgan Pope, the creative minds behind the flying Spider-Man animatronic from Avengers Campus. Unless Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is about to be invaded by Jaxxon, this one is probably in development for Shanghai's Zootopia land opening later this year. The core principles of robotics are inhuman perfection, repeatability, and precision. As the robot climbed out from behind a box and onto the stage like Sadako from The Ring, Morgan Pope elucidated. "Our characters are all about personality," said Dohi. The presentation continued to show off the robot's cutting-edge mobility, showcasing its ability to perform somersaults and other dynamic maneuvers like falling and getting back up. A new method for Disney Imagineers to highlight a character's personality has been made possible by the dynamic robot, which incorporates motion-capture data to produce performances that evoke emotion, according to a statement from Disney Parks. We can all agree that this technological marvel represents a robotics accomplishment. We can all agree, however, that this is a nightmare M3GAN-style creature just waiting to happen as fans of horror and science fiction.

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