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Audi enters the e-bike market with its own luxury electric mountain bike

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Source: The Financial Express Audi is joining the trend of upscale e-bikes with the release of its electric mountain bike, the E-Tron. Taking inspiration from its electric Dakar Rally racer, the RS Q E-tron E2, the E-Tron promises high-end specs, featuring a 250W Brose motor and Fantic’s 720Wh battery, resulting in a considerable 66ft/lb of torque. The bike has four levels of electric assistance, ranging from mild Eco to Boost mode. The aluminum frame design is fitted with Braking IN.CA.S disc brakes, an Öhlins fork and shock, and Sram components for the chain, shifters and derailleur. The Öhlins gear offers 7.1in of suspension travel, surpassing the XMF 1.7's 6.7in. Italian touches include the Vittoria tires and Sella Italia saddle. Although Audi has yet to provide information on top speed or range, the power pack is notably larger than the Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Bash/Mtn's 529Wh unit, which offers between 30 to 95 miles of range depending on conditions. The limited-run model comes in three sizes and is priced at £8,499 (approximately $10,200) in the UK, placing it on par with Porsche's $10,700 eBike Sport. However, it is priced well above the $3,999 Bash/Mtn, the GMC Hummer e-bike (also $3,999), and the more powerful $5,499 Jeep e-bike. Buyers are paying for the bike's battery, well-known parts, and Audi's design. [caption id="attachment_110301" align="aligncenter" width="875"]audi electric mountain bike Image: Audi[/caption] Audi's E-Tron is built by Fantic, based on the XMF 1.7, and boasts a distinctive design inspired by Audi's RS Q E-tron E2. Audi's latest release follows the e-bike trend seen among other automakers like Porsche, Harley-Davidson, GMC, and Jeep, among others. However, the E-Tron's price point is considerably higher than the competition. While e-bikes are increasingly popular, electric mountain bikes cater to a niche market that values quality components, performance, and the ability to handle rough terrain. The addition of an e-mountain bike complements Audi's growing range of EVs, which includes the E-Tron SUV and the upcoming E-Tron GT sports sedan. The e-bike market is projected to reach $23.83 billion by 2025, with Europe accounting for the largest share of sales. The increasing adoption of e-bikes is attributed to growing environmental concerns, the need for sustainable transportation options, and rising health consciousness. E-bikes also offer a more affordable and accessible alternative to EVs, especially for short trips and commuting. Audi's E-Tron is a high-end e-bike, featuring premium components and design. The bike's large battery and powerful motor promise excellent performance, making it ideal for tackling rough terrains. Although the E-Tron's price point is considerably higher than its competitors, it caters to a niche market that values quality and performance. The addition of an e-mountain bike to Audi's EV range complements the automaker's commitment to sustainable transportation and the growing e-bike market. As e-bikes continue to gain popularity and adoption, Audi's E-Tron is likely to attract a niche group of riders who seek top-notch components and performance.

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