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Baidu launches its Ernie AI Bot! Can ChatGPT be defeated by this brand-new AI-powered chatbot?

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China’s web giant Baidu unveiled Ernie Bot, the company's new AI chatbot, on Thursday, Mar. 16.  The Ernie chatbot developed by Chinese web giant Baidu is based on a large language model, and the company claims that it not only symbolizes a fine chatbot but also a reinvention of computing. It is anticipated that the renowned ChatGPT chatbot will face competition from this new artificial intelligence model. Lately, numerous Chinese tech companies expressed interest in developing new AI models that are similar to ChatGPT. A Baidu representative characterized current computing paradigms as depending on three layers: a processor, an operating system, and an application layer in a presentation in Chinese that was translated in real-time by a human. According to Baidu, the future of computing is a stack that begins with a CPU and/or GPU, followed by a deep learning framework like its own Paddlepaddle machine learning framework. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Chinese search giant Baidu introduces Ernie Bot | Nasdaq Image credit- Nasdaq[/caption] The new Ernie Bot is still not flawless, according to the most recent report. This means that if Baidu expects the new AI model to compete with ChatGPT, a lot of work will be required. Baidu only launched the flawed version of Ernie Bot because there is a growing market demand for chatbots that are powered by AI. Tier three provides the framework with an application layer on top of the hierarchy, such as the "Big Model" that drives ERNIE. According to this plan, "models-as-a-service" will soon arrive, ushering in a wave of brand-new applications that will irrevocably change the nature of work. Baidu demonstrated the bot's capabilities in a presentation in Chinese by asking it to connect the dots between performers in a television version of the Chinese science fiction classic The Three-Body Problem.  The presentation's real-time human translation stated that two of the performers are within three centimeters in height. As  ERNIE's knowledge graph includes more than 500 billion data points, it appears that the feat was feasible. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3000"]Baidu to implement ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot chatbot from March | AP News Image credit- AP News[/caption] Another demo attempted to demonstrate by asking ERNIE to design a logo for a service targeted at small companies. Ernie Bot was able to compose a poem and respond to questions during the demonstration. A video and image with prompts were also created by the new Baidu AI chatbot in addition to these. Ernie (Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration), a novel AI-powered chatbot, is still seen as China's response to ChatGPT even though there is still much work to be done. According to Baidu, the new Ernie AI will transform the search engine industry. However, the launch of the brand-new did not support Baidu's stock price, according to the reports. Moreover, the Chinese tech company's stock fell 10% after the debut of the new AI chatbot. Despite this, a lot of partners and financiers were still interested in the new Ernie Bot. Also read: Baidu Launches AI-Powered Chatbot, Navigating Censorship in China More than 600 companies are expected to join the new Ernie community, according to Baidu. A Shaolin temple and official Chinese state media sources have already agreed to join Ernie Bot as its initial partner.  

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