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Battle of Graphics: Intel Catching Up To AMD for Graphics Market Sales

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Image credit : future Intel has decided to join the contest for Graphics as a dark horse, catching up to AMD and Nvidia- the top two players in this contest. Intel wowed the market in 2022 with its ARC series of GPUs along with similar accompaniments for laptops.  Intel and AMD were neck-to-neck, tying up with 9% of the market in the 4th quarter of 2022, with Nvidia peaking as the top graphics card company at 82%. Considering the fact that Intel is a fairly new competitor in this market segment, it’s a brilliant accomplishment even if there’s nothing to write home about. Although the company still isn’t ready to compete at the GPU high-end, entering and grabbing a tie for the number two spot is already a win.   On PCWorld’s The Full Nerd podcast, Intel’s Arc spokesman Tom Petersen told “If you think about it, we’re one of the few companies in the world that can enter a large market like discrete graphics…Nvidia will probably continue to ignore us, but AMD cannot ignore us. And it’s going to become much more competitive over the years as we become more established.” What’s even more astonishing is that JPR’s numbers display Intel on 5% of the discrete GPU market as long ago as the fourth quarter of 2021, implying that Intel shipped more add-in GPUs in Q4 2021 than Q4 2022. It is worth noting that Intel was not selling any Arc graphics cards during that time.  JPR's numbers indicate GPU shipments, not sales. If one assumes GPUs are shipped and then sold, and that not all GPUs that are shipped are necessarily sold, then it's possible to understand how Intel managed 5% as long ago as the end of 2021. Back then, Intel was likely manufacturing and shipping those early DG1 graphics desktop boards, along with Xe Max dedicated graphics chips for laptops. Those GPUs explain Intel's earlier market share.

By Awanish Kumar

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