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Ben Affleck captured serving coffee at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through in Boston

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Ben Affleck has started a new job. On Tuesday, he was seen working the drive-through at a Dunkin' Donuts in Boston. Additionally, the Oscar-winning actor was photographed at a drive-through window taking orders and delivering coffee while his wife Jennifer Lopez arrived in a white SUV to place her own takeout order. However, nothing was as it looked because 50-year-old Ben was actually starring alongside J-Lo in a commercial for his favorite Dunkin' Donuts. Most importantly, this is the first time the two have shared the screen since Gigli in 2003. [caption id="attachment_80769" align="aligncenter" width="995"]Ben Affleck was actually starring alongside J-Lo in a commercial for his favorite Dunkin' Donuts Image credit: News84Media.com[/caption] Furthermore, Ben appeared to be in excellent spirits during the advertisement and was sporting a cap and T-shirt from Dunkin' Donuts. And Jennifer, 53, had a full face of makeup and looked stunning. She was dressed in a white coat, turtleneck shirt, and sweatpants. And she was also carrying a light brown purse as she placed her order for coffee. Moreover, Ben, who has been spotted carrying Dunkin' Donuts coffee around for weeks and whose preferred beverage is an iced coffee, appears to be a major fan of the company. In addition, an image from 2020 of the actor spilling a delivery of Dunkin' Donuts beverages outside his house soon went viral. Also read: Ben Affleck recently cheated on Dunkin’ Donuts in favor of Starbucks

Additional details

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck exchanged vows in a small ceremony back in July before inviting close relatives and friends to a lavish wedding reception the following month. Recently, the Jenny from the Block singer made some never-before-seen photos from their wedding public as she reflected on "one of the best years yet." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Jennifer Lopez shared never-before-seen pictures from wedding to Ben Affleck Image credit: Page Six[/caption] Additionally, she posted a video on Instagram featuring photographs from each month of her amazing 2022 as she rang in the new year. The singer also released a number of wedding photos over the months of July and August in particular. In one of the images, Jennifer was seen cuddling up to Ben, 50, while sporting a lovely Ralph Lauren wedding dress. And Ben looked dapper in a white tuxedo and black bowtie. The video was captioned: "2022 was one of the best years yet!!! I cannot wait for all that’s to come next year … #HappyNewYear #ImJustGettingStarted #WaitingForTonight #ThisIsMeNow"

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