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Best Kept Secret Of iPhone 14 Series

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Best Kept Secret Of iPhone 14 Series-GadgetAny
iPhone 14

Apple recently released the iPhone line with a faster processor, better camera, and a few other features that were not in the previous models.

Apple did not mention the upgrade during its launch as it has some reasons pertaining to the business. It is a known fact about Apple’s penny-pinching when it comes to the home repair/DIU department.

iPhones and iPads are built together using screws and splenetic adhesive. The phone loses its sheen and light adjustments when you try to fix an iPhone on your own. The only way to fix them is by spending a huge amount on its servicing by an Apple technician as they use a specific connector to upgrade the screen by their serial number.

iPhone 14


There are some extensive changes in the latest iPhone 14 sequence making it easier to repair than any other iPhone released in six years. iFixit and Zack Nelson’s JerryRigEverything, phone repair engineers, and enthusiasts are of the opinion that this is a significant update.

The screen and back panel can be easily removed making it accessible to repair simple problems. You can replace the cracked screen or the back panel that is made of glass and also restore the damaged camera lens.

iFixit stated, “These changes to the iPhone will help it last longer and reduce its overall impact on the planet,”  “With any luck, it will inspire other manufacturers to follow suit.” Zack Nelson stated that the broken parts in iPhone 14 are easy to fix after he dismantled the iPhone 14. He said, “I think the iPhone 14 screen and back glass are now even more repairable than on most Android phones, which is something I never thought I would say.”



We need to understand that the new framework is not a straightforward redesign but a total change of position in the central design. All the parts have been reshuffled to place the new structure.

This is the most user-friendly update that Apple has made in years but is not making it public. The iFixit team states, “All of our — and your — work has paid off. Our advocating, lobbying, yelling in the streets. We’ve convinced Apple’s design team that repairability matters. Now we need your help to convince their marketing team to talk about it.”

This fact would be brought to light if Apple’s plan was to steal Android customers but that is not what they are aiming at. It may seem obvious, but Android users are more price-conscious in comparison to Apple users which is a fact as there is a limit on the supply of the conductors.

iPhone14 Pro & Pro Max

Apple loves to see you own a new iPhone even when your old one is intact and can be easily repaired. Apple does not want to offer a long-life phone as it is a profitable seller. Apple is still not on the page of home repairs and non-Apple technicians. Even with a genuine Apple screen being replaced on an iPhone 14, there will be some features missing as the serial number update is unavailable.

It seems like Apple wants to increase its profit in repairs. iPhone 14 Pro Max’s back glass may be simple to restore which will have hardly any risk of the repair failing and happening quickly. Apple charges $549 for the substitution which has increased from last year’s $399 for an iPhone 13 Pro Max and provides the same service.

It is not clear how important the service center is for the company as they do not reveal the sales or operating gains in its financial reports as they roll it up with services division from the digital content, advertising, and payment services.

iPhone 14 camera

Services is the second largest work class in only iPhone sales and is also the fastest growing section in the company. What the company is capable of doing in improving the profits in this department should be considered.

For financial gain idea, repairing an iPhone easily is the best example and Apple does not give a damn about making huge profits. This explains the love for Apple stocks by long-term investors.

The question is: Is investing in Apple Inc a smart move?

The analyst team listed the ten best stocks for investment in the current setup, and Apple did not make the list. Motley Fool Stock Advisor, an online service for investments working for 20 years, outdid the market thrice and is of the opinion that there are better stocks to invest in. 

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