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Best Way to Convert Live Photos to Still Photos on Your iPhone

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Best Way to Convert Live Photos to Still Photos on Your iPhone-GadgetAny

How to Make Still Photos from Live Photos on Your iPhone?

The new Live Photos feature on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus from Apple is awesome, but if you only want to share still images or don’t want to share the complete Live Photos, you can convert them in a few simple steps.

One of those features being hailed as a must-have is Live Photos, and we’ve shown you how to use them to produce decent results. However, Live Photos come with a few restrictions. They are significantly larger than conventional stills, to start. You might decide against sharing the entire thing. You might only want to share a still image of it, tossing the rest.

iPhone Photos
Image credit: imobie

It’s actually very simple to turn a live photo into a still image, and it only requires a few simple steps.

Press “Edit” in the top-right corner of the Live Photo after opening it in the Photos app.

Your Live Photo will now be shown as a still. When you convert it, which can be done by tapping the symbol in the lower-left corner in landscape mode or the upper-left corner in portrait mode, it will appear like this.

It will turn white once you tap the Live Photos icon, at which point you can tap the “Done” button to save it as a still image.

iPhone Photos
Image credit: iphonephotographyschool

You have two options for turning the image back into a Live Photo: you may either hit the “Revert” button or just tap the Live Photos icon once more before selecting “Done.”

So that’s it. After leaving the editing window, you can share your newly created still photo with anybody you like, but only the one shot will be shared, not the complete Live Photo file.

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The “LIVE” icon in the top-left area lets you know which file you’re sharing. This icon won’t be present, of course, if you just wish to share the still. The file should be considerably smaller as a result, taking up less space on your device and making it simpler to share.

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