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Best Way to Fix Dark Screens on iPhone

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Best Way to Fix Dark Screens on iPhone-GadgetAny

Is the iPhone’s screen too dark? Because of that, are you able to hardly read this article? Here’s how you brighten your iPhone’s display and prevent it from getting too dark in the future.

Increasing your screen brightness is the first thing you should do if your iPhone screen seems too dim. Swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen to uncover the brightness slider will allow you to do this in the Control Center on your iPhone. To enhance the screen’s brightness, slide the slider up. Don’t get alarmed if the brightness doesn’t seem to be getting brighter no matter what you do (yet).

Contrary to common opinion, if your brightness slider doesn’t seem to be doing anything, removing Auto-Brightness under Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size won’t necessarily fix the issue.

iPhone Screen
Image – Apple

If this resolves your issue, but the screen dims abruptly once more, clean the front-facing sensor array to ensure that nothing is obstructing your iPhone’s ability to detect ambient brightness. These sensors are typically found adjacent to the front-facing camera or, on more recent models, in the notch (and Dynamic Island).

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Possibly Too Hot on Your iPhone

The screen brightness of your phone may be restricted to prevent damage if it becomes unusually warm. If you have an iPhone X or an iPhone 13 or later, or any other model, your display may be more prone to fading in hot situations since OLED displays in particular are subject to harm from high temperatures.

Waiting for your iPhone to cool down is the only cure. When your device reaches a safe operating temperature once more, the display will brighten to its regular level. As long as you don’t notice a temperature warning on the screen, you can continue using your iPhone as usual, but be ready to squint. If you’re particularly worried, switch off your iPhone and wait.

iPhone Screen
Image – Apple

Avoid cooling your iPhone down too quickly since you run the danger of adding moisture, which could harm the internal components. Don’t, for instance, place it in the refrigerator or place it in front of the air conditioner’s blower.

You might want to think about the likelihood of long-term harm if you wait for hours and your display doesn’t get back to normal. Before choosing if it’s time to replace the panel or possibly the entire iPhone, you may always take your smartphone to Apple or an approved repair provider for an evaluation.

Keep Your iPhone Out of the Sun

By keeping your iPhone cool, you can lessen the likelihood that this will occur in the future. The simplest method to do this, whether you’re inside or outside, is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Other iPhone components are susceptible to harm from heat, and your smartphone’s battery is particularly vulnerable.

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This can be a problem if you use your iPhone as a navigational tool while driving. See our best advice for keeping your technology cool in the summer.

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