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Beware of this latest scam: Trezor hardware wallet faces crypto phishing scam campaigns

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If you haven't heard, do not click on any links you get in your messages that say they are from Trezor because they are phishing attempts to steal cryptocurrency from your hardware wallet. This is the most recent phishing scam to be in circulation from unidentified threat actors that pretend as the company and ask you to submit your login information, which would give them complete access to your wallet and funds. Nowadays, a lot of individuals fall prey to various scams in a variety of businesses, especially in the cryptocurrency sector, which remains a major target due to its decentralized nature. Additionally, an unidentified collection of threat actors is currently texting various users to inform them of a security breach in the organization, according to a recent tweet from Trezor. It is a phishing scheme designed to get hold of the seed phrases needed to authenticate the wallet anytime hardware is moved between devices. Furthermore, this access credential grants a user complete access to the money, assets, holdings, and cryptocurrencies of the wallet owner. Therefore, users are instructed to "protect assets" by clicking the link after being told that the "Trezor Suite" is no longer secure and that their assets are open to theft or attack. On another note, phishing efforts typically rely on users clicking the link and providing their information in order to obtain the data required for a hacker's access. Additionally, Trezor advised consumers to disregard any messages they receive in their inboxes since they are not from the company. Also, contrary to their assertions, the hardware wallet and its systems do not yet have any security flaws. In contrast to the latest phishing campaign, the hardware wallet also informed its users that they would not contact them by SMS or calls. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Trezor hardware wallet faces crypto phishing scam campaigns Image credit: TIME[/caption]

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The cryptocurrency industry sees a lot of scams targeted at its investors and subscribers who might not be aware that what they are exposing themselves to is an attempt to steal their money. These hacks or frauds are becoming increasingly sophisticated, impersonating real businesses to trick users into providing their login information through phishing. Moreover, some people concentrate on forcing their way into someone else's account by breaking into the various infrastructures, servers, APIs, and other systems of a certain firm in order to steal from their customers. In addition, APT38, often known as the government-backed hackers from North Korea, is one of the most well-known threat actors at the moment. Lastly, by clicking on these links in texts or email scams involving cryptocurrencies, people could unwittingly download and install malware and not realize what happened until their money is taken. Also, hackers used a phishing campaign in the most recent scam to target Trezor hardware wallet customers and trick them into disclosing their login information.

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