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DuckDuckGo Exposed – Allows Trackers From Microsoft

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DuckDuckGo Exposed – Allows Trackers From Microsoft-GadgetAny
trackers on DuckDuckGo browser

Many people use browsers other than Google, and it is common knowledge that search engines can track users’ online activities. Therefore, a few search engines came up with a solution to attract more users and overcome this tracking hurdle that many people detest. They claimed not to collect any identifiable details about users and offer more privacy. DuckDuckGo is one of them, and it also filters out potential personalized search results. However, users’ details aren’t as private with a tag line of “Privacy. Simplified.” As a result, many users are against using the browser. 

Why isn’t DuckDuckGo safe?

To make their searches more secure and private, many users use browsers like Brave and DuckDuckGo to prevent data collection. However, recent research discovered that DuckDuckGo has a syndicated search content contract with Microsoft. Thus, the search engine allows Microsoft trackers on other websites. And although it doesn’t collect and store personal details, Microsoft tracks users’ IP addresses when they click on an advertisement. 

trackers on DuckDuckGo browser

How did DuckDuckGo respond?

DuckDuckGo confirmed the tracking by Microsoft. In a tweet, Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO, and Founder, assured users that search results are entirely anonymous, including ads. “For ads, we worked with Microsoft to make ad clicks protected,” Weinberg explained. Furthermore, Weinberg said the current agreement “prevents them from doing more to Microsoft-owned properties,” and they are working to remove that clause from the contract. 

How can users avoid tracking on DuckDuckGo?

Until the search engine works “tirelessly behind the scenes” to change the clause, here’s what users can browse on instead –

  • Startpage – It is known as “the world’s most private” search engine. Startpage has abilities similar to that of Google but without tracking its users. Therefore, browsing on it feels like browsing on Google without the worry of it tracking and selling users’ information. 
  • Bing – It has more autocomplete suggestions than Google and offers better video searches. Hence, Bing is an excellent search engine. It also prioritizes established articles with lots of traffic to newer articles with many relevant terms. 
  • Brave – Brave is a privacy-focused browser with a built-in search engine. In addition, it doesn’t track users or their search results and never sells users’ data to advertising companies. 
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