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Bing AI Gets More Useful for Travelers and Cooks

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source: Windows Report Bing AI, powered by ChatGPT, has recently been updated with new features to help travelers and cooks. Here are some of the new capabilities of Bing AI:

Travel Planning

Bing AI can now help users plan their travels more efficiently. By using natural language processing, Bing AI can understand user requests and provide relevant information such as flight schedules, hotel recommendations, and weather forecasts. It can also help users find things to do in their destination and provide information about local attractions, events, and restaurants. This makes travel planning easier and more convenient.

Cooking Assistance

Bing AI can also assist users in the kitchen. By using natural language processing, it can understand recipe requests and provide relevant information such as ingredient substitutions, cooking times, and nutritional information. It can also help users find recipes based on ingredients they have on hand and provide step-by-step cooking instructions. This makes cooking more accessible and enjoyable. [caption id="attachment_167662" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] source: Gadget Advisor[/caption]

Voice Integration

Bing AI is now integrated with Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana. This allows users to access Bing AI's features through voice commands. For example, users can ask Cortana to find a recipe for a specific dish or to provide information about a particular travel destination. This makes it easier and more convenient to use Bing AI's features. Also read: A future Samsung device might switch to Bing instead of Google Search Bing AI, powered by ChatGPT, has become more useful for travelers and cooks with its new features. By using natural language processing and voice integration, Bing AI can provide relevant information and assistance to users in a convenient and accessible way. Whether you're planning a trip or cooking a meal, Bing AI can help make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

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