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Bing Chat is releasing the DALL-E 3 AI upgrade for more realistic pictures

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In a major upgrade, Bing Chat underwent a major upgrade, and now offers OpenAI’s latest text-to-copy counterpart DALL-E 3. The best part? It is freely available to all users. Microsoft's recent announcement shows that the DALL-E 3 has significantly improved over its predecessor, boasting the ability to produce more "realistic and diverse images" through improvements in three key areas One notable improvement is the AI’s ability to stick to text prompts when creating content. Microsoft advises users to add as much detail as possible to ensure the final image fits well with their vision. This increased accuracy leads to more consistent and "reasonable" results, which deal with periodic eccentricities found in other models such as static diffusion. Moreover, according to the company, DALL-E 3 caters to the creative values ​​of its users by perfectly reflecting the subtle art form. Also Read: How to Stop OpenAI’s GPTBot from Crawling Your Website

Improving security

Along with performance improvements, Microsoft introduced two security features in Bing Chat to ensure ethical use. Every output created now has a content certificate and an "invisible digital watermark" stating that it was created by Bing Image Creator, as well as the date and time it was created In addition, a "content restraint system" has been implemented to remove images deemed "harmful or inappropriate" including material containing nudity, violence, hate speech, or illegal activity It is important to note that it is forbidden to make pictures with celebrities in the service's policy. For example, an attempt to paint a portrait of President Joe Biden was turned down.

Continued growth and challenges

While the improvements in Bing Chat are impressive, it’s important to realize that the platform is a work in progress. Like other AI engines, Microsoft’s model still faces challenges as it pulls the trigger. While not as overwhelming as older iterations, users may notice the occasional additional figure or two in the graphics. It should be noted that the AI ​​image generation can get slow from time to time, although Bing Chat gets up to speed after a few minutes. In a worst-case scenario, the AI ​​may refuse to process another request due to system limitations. For those interested in exploring generative AI on the road, TechRadar offers a list of the four best art generator apps for the iPhone.

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