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Bitgreen raises $5M through crowdfunding to establish Polkadot platform

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Bitgreen raises $5M through crowdfunding to establish Polkadot platform-GadgetAny
Bitgreen raises $5M

The organization Bitgreen, which is creating the blockchain’s hub for sustainability, is getting ready to launch the first stage of its layer-1 network designed to support climate-action projects.

The business started after a fully subscribed $5 million Reg CF crowdfunding drive on the Republic platform, which finished in just four hours. Also, the company has finished building the foundation for its ground-breaking platform in the Polkadot ecosystem after a year of work.

One of the most important and challenging geopolitical challenges of the modern era is a climate disaster. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are still far from being realized, despite efforts by governments and businesses to make effective changes to address this issue (SDGs). 

Over the next ten years, green projects will have a $50 trillion funding deficit. Finding a workable method to mobilize the required resources is becoming increasingly important as the window of opportunity closes.

Bitgreen raises $5M

In order to foster a blockchain-based center for impact investment, Bitgreen has created a new para chain and a collection of decentralized applications. 

Furthermore, Bitgreen enables backers to fund significant sustainability efforts, including conservation, clean infrastructure, and empowerment programs for disadvantaged people. Bitgreen will provide the tools essential for community leaders, NGOs, asset managers, ESG offices, and sustainability groups to grow impact projects and reach new communities. 

Bitgreen’s layer-1 network uses 99.9% less energy than conventional blockchain networks and protocols because of its Proof-of-Stake consensus architecture. As a result, the platform core will be able to limit its adverse environmental effects while upholding ecological and charitable principles.

To fight climate change, develop green infrastructure, and create a platform for innovators and disruptors devoted to bettering the world, Bitgreen aims to empower green projects to obtain crucial finance. 

Within the next few months, the Polkadot para chain implementation is anticipated. Moreover, Bitgreen is preparing to deploy its para chain on Polkadot as the only impact investment blockchain within the network, thanks to the $5 million raised by private investors on Republic. 

Additionally, the launch will coincide with Bitgreen’s introduction of specialized Carbon Market and Compliant Impact Investing platforms. 

Meanwhile, these platforms allow investors and other essential parties to find projects and develop mutually beneficial relationships with deserving organizations engaged in practical conservation, philanthropic, and climate change initiatives.

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