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Blink vs Ring: Which Home Security Camera System is Right for You?

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source: Modern Castle Blink and Ring are two of the biggest names in home security and are owned by the retail giant Amazon. Although they share a parent company, these companies cater to different markets and offer different products, both of which are among the best security cameras available today. Blink's product range is relatively limited compared to Ring. The company focuses on providing affordable and easy-to-use cameras designed for home use. The company offers an indoor plug-in camera (Mini), an outdoor wireless camera (Outdoor), and an indoor wireless camera (Indoor). Additionally, Blink sells a floodlight mount that can be used alongside the Blink Outdoor security camera. On the other hand, Ring has a more extensive variety of products, including security cameras, video doorbells, trackers, and more. The company's range is more advanced compared to Blink, but the products come with a higher price tag. Blink Before we compare the two companies head-to-head, it's essential to understand the key similarities between them. Both Blink and Ring security cameras are designed to be DIY-friendly, so users won't need professional help to install their security camera. Neither security camera system requires users to sign up for a payment plan or contract, although both offer an optional subscription service that provides extra benefits. Blink's basic plan starts from as little as $3 per month, as does Ring's. Both Blink and Ring offer indoor and outdoor cameras, which can be accessed remotely via individual smartphone apps. The apps allow users to view events, alerts, footage, and more. When it comes to finding the best security cameras, there are some features that shouldn't be compromised, including video, audio, and night vision. All Blink and Ring security cameras record at 1080p HD, which is enough for most general surveillance purposes. Both companies support two-way talk, which allows voices and sounds to be heard clearly on recordings, and users can also talk via the cameras, meaning people in view can hear the speaker. These features come in handy for reassuring children, babies, and pets, as well as being able to warn off potential criminals. The minor difference between Blink and Ring security cameras lies in their night vision capabilities. Both companies offer infrared night vision across all products, but Ring's Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam (wired), and Stick Up Cam (wired) support color night vision. Ring's color night vision uses ambient light to create "false color," allowing users to define finer details where low light night vision is insufficient. Ring Indoor Cam In terms of price, Blink's indoor security camera at just $34.99 is a better deal than Ring's Indoor Cam, which is the cheapest alternative at $59.99. However, Ring offers many more additional products compared to Blink, from video doorbells to smart lighting, whole-home security systems and more. Storing video clips and photos is an essential feature of security cameras since they may be needed as evidence. Both Blink and Ring offer subscription plans that start at $3 per month (per device), which allow users to access up to 60-day unlimited video history. The Plus plans cost $10 per month and extend the supported devices to all devices, rather than one. The plans also offer users a 10% discount on Blink or Ring devices purchased from Amazon. Ring's Pro plan costs $20 per month and is unique to Ring, opening up options for 24/7 professional monitoring, backup internet, and more security features. Both Blink and Ring offer excellent security camera systems, but the choice ultimately depends on the user's needs and preferences. If users are looking for affordability, they should go for Blink. If they're looking for a broader range of products, they should go for Ring. However, Ring's products come with more advanced features and capabilities, but with a higher price tag  

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