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Blue Tick Accounts To Get A New Official Tag, Same as Politicians Do Now

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Blue Tick Accounts To Get A New Official Tag, Same as Politicians Do Now-GadgetAny
Blue Tick Accounts To Get A New Official Tag, Same as Politicians Do Now

Since Elon Musk completed a $44 billion purchase last month, Twitter has been in a bit of a state.

Some Twitter users are seeking for an alternative microblogging service that might offer some peace and quiet away from all the noise due to confusion about how the platform will move forward and employee rage over major layoffs.

Uncertainty regarding the future of the blue checkmark, a tick that shows up on the profile page of Twitter’s verified users, is among the issues that are now causing a good lot of anxiety.

Twitter new official tag
Example of Twitter’s new official tag for verified accounts

According to recent statements made by Musk, the once-desired checkmark will now be made available to anyone who pays the new $8 monthly cost (up from $3) for Twitter Blue, the premium service’s premium offering. As such, it will serve more as a Twitter Blue badge than a verification mark.

The previous verification mark offered followers some reassurance that the account had a real relationship to the named entity, whether it was a person, company, or organization. However, it seems to have lost its meaning now that the mark is available to anyone who is prepared to pay $8 every month.

The new “official account” mark, please! Yes, a second mark with a checkmark and the words “official account” next to it.

Esther Crawford, a product executive for Twitter, announced on Tuesday that the new mark, which was recently discovered during internal testing, will soon be applied to “select accounts.” She also noted that it cannot be purchased and, importantly, will not be automatically given to accounts that have already been verified.

Many people have inquired how you can tell the difference between accounts that have been confirmed as official and subscribers to Twitter Blue with blue checkmarks, so Crawford responded in a tweet by saying: “We’re introducing the ‘Official’ label to select accounts when we launch.”

The CEO continued, “The ‘Official’ label is not for sale and will not be applied to all previously confirmed accounts. Several prominent figures, important media outlets, commercial enterprises, business partners, and government accounts are among the accounts that will receive it.

Crawford’s use of language suggests that Twitter may no longer verify users, unless they are exceptionally well-known. When it begins to roll out the new label in the upcoming days, how it decides that should be clear.

Following the change, there will be three different sorts of accounts on Twitter: those who have signed up for Twitter Blue, which displays a blue checkmark in place of the former “verified” mark; those who have an “official” designation in place of that mark; and those that have neither mark.

You would think it would have been simpler to allow verified users keep their verified checkmark and to add a new mark for Blue subscribers, but this is the new Twitter, where everything is a little bit more complicated than before.

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