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“Bluesky”: Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s new app is available in Beta form to testers.

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More testers are getting access to Bluesky, the Twitter alternative backed by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder, and CEO of Twitter. The arrival of the app on the App Store suggests that a public launch may be approaching even though it is still only accessible as an invite-only beta. A "decentralized social network" was initially envisioned for Bluesky in 2019 as a Twitter extension, but it later split off to become its own platform. Early in the previous year, the company made the announcement that it had become independent, writing on Twitter, “Both Twitter and Bluesky realized that our independence is important to the success of the project, which is why we established an independent company to ensure that we serve the broadest possible interests.” The invite-only Bluesky Beta app may be downloaded from the App Store, and users who wish to join can submit their email addresses to be added to a waiting list. Some users are being invited to test the Bluesky app, which is now open to the public. The Bluesky iOS app was released on February 17, 2023, and has somewhere near 2,000 installs, according to app intelligence company data.ai. This app most likely includes the most recent additions to the beta tester pool at this time because it is invite-only. The app isn't currently showing up on any U.S. Top Charts, and it's not available on Google Play either. [caption id="attachment_100053" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Bluesky Image: elgrupoinformatico[/caption] Bluesky's suggested user list during onboarding didn't immediately dazzle with big names of celebrities as a newly released app. In contrast, Mastodon has been able to draw in a greater number of well-known people. Bluesky asks, "What's up?" in place of Twitter's "What's happening?" Similar to Twitter, you can find and follow people, in Bluesky. You can view their updates in a Home timeline. A can set a profile picture, background information, a bio, and metrics, such as the number of followers, posts, and people a user is following, which are all standard features found in user profiles. Like Twitter, Bluesky’s profile feeds are split into posts and posts and replies. Accounts can be shared, muted, or blocked by Bluesky users, but more sophisticated tools like adding them to lists are not yet available. The discover tab, located in the bottom center of the app's navigation, is helpful because it provides more recommendations for "who to follow" and a live feed of recent Bluesky updates. The latter enables you to discover more users who you might want to follow based on their posts rather than just a bio. As Bluesky refused to tell the whole scenario, so we could not guide you anymore. We have to wait for the launch of the full version of the Bluesky app to get all the information.

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