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Book Atum 1.0 Electric Bike in Just $15, Runs 62 Miles For Just $0.08

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Book Atum 1.0 Electric Bike in Just $15, Runs 62 Miles For Just $0.08-GadgetAny
Atum 1 Atumobile

Yes, you read the title right. Atum 1.0 Atumobile is all set to hit roads now. It has been launched by an electric two-wheeler startup based out of India. Atum 1.0 is a battery-powered bike that can unlock a range of 62 miles on a single charge. This electric bike has been specially designed to conquer off-road challenges. This amazing ebike is a  retro-style small moped.

For Indian customers, the company has offered an amazing deal to preorder this bike at just RS999 (approx $15). This eco-friendly bike can be the best alternative for short-distance commutes amid the high fuel prices. It is a completely made-in-India automobile and is available for sale in most metro cities of India only. The company is promising high value out of this deal. According to the website automobile.co, the company is soon looking to launch its products in US and EU markets as well.

Atum 1 Atumobile

Atum 1.0 is perfect for small trips with a Lithium-Ion battery, minimalist design, and robust frame. You can enjoy a smooth ride thanks to its leak-proof and safe battery packs. Now, sort out all your charging problems with its ultra-portable and resourceful Li-Ion battery. You can never run out of charge with Atum 1.0’s ultra-lightweight and swappable Lithium-Ion batteries. As a result, you can charge your gadgets anywhere you want. 

Unlock the benefits of the economical running with this affordable bike priced at $1000 approx. 

Atum boasts the following amazing features:

Though lightweight but sturdy, Atum 1.0 is equipped with all must-have features. Its headlight, indicator, and taillight – all LED can make your journey smooth and comfortable at night. Also, fitted with fat tires (20×4 inches), this e-bike can efficiently absorb bumps. This electric bike is suitable for all age groups, with a top speed of 15 miles/hr and a max load capacity of 120 kg. Also, its 48V 250W motor can be fully charged in 3-4 hours. Finally, and most importantly, Atum 1.0 can get you rid of the driving license or registration hassles to deliver you a green ride.

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