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Bosch and IBM Accelerate EV Mineral Supply with Supercomputers

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Bosch and IBM Accelerate EV Mineral Supply with Supercomputers-GadgetAny
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According to Electrek, Bosch and IBM are currently collaborating on a “strategic quantum computing” project. 

Bosch will join IBM’s Quantum Network as part of the collaboration, and both teams will look into alternative sources of the essential minerals used to power electric vehicles.

Many automakers are now entering into supply agreements to guarantee their supplies, which will enable them to achieve their goals. On the other hand, some businesses are also focusing on creating strategies for processing and recycling battery minerals to secure a future supply.

Image: Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

With the collaboration of Bosch and IBM, they are going one step further by utilizing quantum supercomputers.  The technique will allow both businesses to simulate various models while examining which materials might have substitutes or alternatives.

Bosch will contribute its proficiency in mass production and materials simulation, combining it with IBM’s quantum computing technology and its understanding of quantum algorithms. 

In fact, both businesses have begun laying the groundwork for cutting-edge workflows and algorithms that will open the door to computer-generated material designs. The current scarcity of earth minerals like cobalt, lithium, and nickel is one of the factors preventing the full adoption of electric vehicles. 


The adoption of EVs is anticipated to increase in the upcoming years as nations all over the world work toward zero emissions. Additionally, in order to be eligible for the tax credit, EV battery assembly and mineral sourcing must follow strict guidelines laid out in the US’s Inflation Reduction Act.

The supply of earth minerals like cobalt, lithium, and nickel will be further under pressure as a result of these changes.

To meet the demand for electric vehicles in the interim, Bosch will collaborate with IBM to improve the productivity of their battery production. 

The partnership will also make sure that the global EV industry has a steady and safe supply of minerals.

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