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Bouboupisme: what is this sexual act that can astonishingly amplify women's sexual pleasure?

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Although it is a very common sexual activity, we rarely talk about bouboupism. It can, however, significantly heighten sexual pleasure. Are you unknowingly a fan already? Where are you going? We evaluate. foreplay Foreplay called "bouboupism" includes arousing the breasts. This technique can raise desire by giving nipples little pinches, caresses, or licking or biting them. Therefore, stimulating the breasts increases desire since, according to the findings of a recent study, excitement is certain when this erogenous zone is the center of attention.

Bouboupisme: the majority of women would be followersforeplay

A scientific study conducted by the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) and reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that 82% of women value breast stimulation and acknowledge that it significantly affects their desire. Since the breasts are a very erogenous area with millions of nerves that, when tickled, activate the clitoris and increase pleasure, the fact that this stimulation increases appetite is not a coincidence.foreplay The results of this same survey show that the chest is one of women's favorite body areas during sex, whether alone or in pairs! For their study, the specialists questioned 301 students—148 men and 153 women, the majority of whom were between the ages of 18 and 22—between the ages of 17 and 29 who had already had at least one sexual experience concerning the stimulation of the nipple and/or breast during sexual activity.

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