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Brace Yourself To Welcome The New ChatGPT Replicas

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Photo Credit: Geekflare While ChatGPT is the most valuable and popular algorithm right now, the fact remains that the techniques used by OpenAI are not confidential or restricted matters. Soon, there will be many bots similar to ChatGPT by competitors who can copy and build their own versions. A startup, Stability AI has built and open-sourced the latest technology of image generation, a competitor to Chat GPT. Stability’s CEO, Emad Mostaque, says, “We are a few months from release.” There are a number of other startups competing with ChatGPT like Cohere, AI2I, and Anthropic working on chatbots that are a lot like OpenAI’s bot. Stability AI Announces $101 Million in Funding for Open-Source Artificial Intelligence Photo Credit: PR Newswire Consumers will easily be able to access these new refined chatbots as well as researchers, developers, and AI businesses. Making money using AI tools that produce images, text, code, etc may gain momentum. ChatGPT is being used by known companies like Slack and Microsoft in their products and startups are aiming to build a new ChatGPT API for developers but increased tech availability may make things difficult with the risks attached with their prediction and mitigation. ChatGPT’s charm is an answer to many questions and this also causes it to make up content or create a problematic character. Dangerous tasks like code for malware, incorrect campaigns or spams. Citing this problem, researchers are calling out to slow down the ChatGPT clones with the involved. AI expert Gary Marcus says, “There is no need to stop research, but we certainly could regulate widespread deployment.” He wants to address the risks associated with AI generated misinformation. He adds, “We might, for example, ask for studies on 100,000 people before releasing these technologies to 100 millions of people.” 2016: The year AI got creative Photo Credit: New Atlas But it is difficult to stop ChatGPT clones from developing as it is open source. Additionally, the competition between big and small businesses to adopt or match ChatGPT implies that there is little desire for the technology to slow pace and instead appears to encourage its spread. LLaMA, a Meta developed AI model which is a lot like ChatGPT was leaked online last week which was shared with some educational researchers. It can be used as a base for creating chatbot and its leak has brought in panic in people who worry that the LLMs also known as AI systems on which chatbots are built just like ChatGPT will be used for wrong purposes like security braces and wrong information passed. Also Read: User Data is Being Stolen by False ChatGPT Apps While some experts are of the opinion that the chatbot development may not be that hazardous and others believe that transparency in the technology may be useful to stay aware of the perils it can cause. There was no response from Meta’s side but the company’s spokesperson Ashely Gabriel stated, “While the model is not accessible to all, and some have tried to circumvent the approval process, we believe the current release strategy allows us to balance responsibility and openness.” Based on text-generation technology that has been around for a while, ChatGPT recognizes patterns in massive amounts of text, much of it text that has been scraped from the web, and learns to mimic human text. OpenAI discovered that giving the technology a chat interface and adding a layer of machine learning that required people to provide feedback on the bot's responses made the system more intelligent and capable. OpenAI Unveils a Powerful, Cost-Effective, and User-Friendly Embedding Model Photo Credit: InfoQ Bing, Microsoft's search interface is built on interaction by users with ChatGPT which is advantageous for OpenAI but the newbies are recreating what ChatGPT built. Carper AI, is a project funded by Stability AI that is researching on training chatbots. CEO of Scale AI, Alexandr Wang, a startup that is into machine learning and labeling data for many companies dealing with states that there are people asking for assistance with how ChatGPT was created with OpenAI. He states, “We’re pretty overwhelmed with demand.” The CEO agrees that the development means that there are many chatbots and LLM models coming up. He states, “I think there will be a vibrant ecosystem.” A lot of projects should soon produce systems similar to ChatGPT, according to Sean Gourley, CEO of Primer, a business that sells AI tools for intelligence analysts, including those in the US government. He also serves as an advisor to Stability AI. In reference to the human feedback process that improved OpenAI's bot, he notes, "the watercooler buzz is that this required roughly 20,000 hours of training.” There would be a few million dollars involved with so much training in a project which is only affordable for an established company or a startup with excellent funds, according to Gourley. He states that “the fine-tuning that OpenAI did with ChatGPT, it's a magical breakthrough, but it's not something that isn't going to be replicated.” After the OpenAI announced DALL-E 2 which is a tool for creating pleasing and compound images in April 2022 may be the path for bots similar to ChatGPT. There are safeguards applied by OpenAI on its image generator so that there are no violent or sexual violations and faces with similarities and also the tool was made available only to a handful of artists as the tool may be misused. Soon after that, many new AI art tools were seen as the DALL-E technique was not a secret from AI researchers. Stability AI released a similar image generator tool like DALL-E in just four months called Stable Diffusion which was included in many products including image generators which OpenAI prohibited. How to Use DALL-E to Generate AI Images from Text | PetaPixel Photo Credit: PetaPixel CEO of Hugging Face, Clement Delangue, hosts AI projects including projects made by Stability AI, states that it is possible to recreate ChatGPT but does not state the period when it will happen. The Hugging Face CEO states, “Nobody knows, and we’re still at the learning phase, you never really know that you have a good model before you have a good model. He adds “Could be next week, could be next year.”

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