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Brittany Mahomes sultry maternity photos will blow your mind

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Brittany Mahomes sultry maternity photos will blow your mind-GadgetAny
Brittany Mahomes

While she waits for the arrival of her second kid, Brittany Mahomes is spotted showing off her expanding pregnant belly in a stylish way.

The pregnant 27-year-old, who is also Patrick Mahomes’ wife and the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, recently shared a fresh snap from a prenatal photo shoot on her Instagram story.

Brittany is pictured in the seductive image posing in front of a white wall covered in drapes while wearing a white bra and a sheer cloak with pearl accents.

Brittany Mahomes

The silken robe only partially conceals her silhouette, so her growing baby belly is easily seen. It was said in the caption, “It’s another sneaky peaky.”

A close-up of the businesswoman’s hair and makeup, which included pearl dots around her eyebrows and eyelids, was previously shared along with other behind-the-scenes photos from the maternity session.

Brittany Mahomes
The long-term couple who have been dating since high school were engaged in September 2020 and ultimately got married in March (brittanymahomes/Instagram)

She also snapped a picture of the shooting location, which featured white and beige curtains for the set and a fog machine for mood. The photographer for Brittany remarked regarding the photo session, “I can’t wait for you to see the magic we made today.

In yet another sweet post, Brittany said, “The two of them make life truly wonderful! Although I do occasionally feel overwhelmed and worn out, these two things always make it all worthwhile “She commented next to a picture of the family flying in a private jet. “Love them with all of my heart and cannot wait to add another little darling,” she continued.

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