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Bumble Gets Official, a relationship-building app for couples

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(Image credit- Fast Company) Bumble, an app that uses mood check-ins and date scheduling to help couples develop stronger relationships, has been bought by Bumble. It's part of the business's larger plan to improve what it views as the ecosystem of love, which includes all kinds of interactions, whether they are new friendships or long-term relationships. Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd tells Fast Company that the company "is really trying to build the entire relationship journey and take care of the entire relationship from start to finish." Bumble opted not to make the agreement's specifics public. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1110"]Paired App for Couples Proven to Increase Relationship Quality by 36% Image credit- Paired app[/caption] According to Bumble, Official already has more than 368,000 couples registered and is accessible in 45 countries since its 2021 launch. Herd cited research demonstrating how the growing epidemic of loneliness is endangering people's happiness and health. Also read: AI girlfriend Caryn takes the AI world by storm "When you say something as simple as the world is facing a loneliness crisis... and we are in a really toxic state as humans, I just feel like we have such an interesting business to try and heal some of that through better relationships," she adds. Although Herd claims there are chances for Official and Bumble to work together, Official will continue to exist as a single app for the time being. If someone uses Bumble to find a mate, they don't have to completely abandon the platform; instead, they can move to the company's relationship-focused app. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Beloved: Couples Relationship on the App Store Image credit- Apple[/caption] The software allowed users to sign up and join the Bumble network even if they had already met in person or on another app. Investors may benefit greatly from Bumble's ability to expand its user-attraction strategies. Shares of Bumble are down 77% since going public and 17% for the year as a whole. The business has also been attempting to increase its use of artificial intelligence. "Our products are the rare exception of where AI just becomes a huge, huge tailwind," adds Herd. Making the app more effective and able to anticipate strong connections is the ultimate goal of using AI to encourage people to spend less time attached to their phones. According to Herd, "AI will be a huge way to get you in real life with safe, compatible personas as quickly as possible."  

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