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Buy movie tickets on AMC app with cryptocurrency

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Buy movie tickets on AMC app with cryptocurrency-GadgetAny
Buy movie tickets on AMC app with cryptocurrency

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC theatres, announced on April 15 that the AMC app will now accept cryptocurrency for purchases. As a result, AMC app users can now buy movie tickets and concessions online with crypto. In addition, the company added crypto support through Bitpay integration. Additionally, in November, AMC theatres revealed it was “exploring” how to accept cryptocurrency coins. 

Moreover, Bitpay will support the following cryptocurrencies – Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Additionally, AMC already supports the purchase of movie tickets by the last two cryptocurrencies through PayPal.

movie tickets on AMC app with crypto

Furthermore, the process of paying for movie tickets and concessions through cryptocurrency is quite simple. Consequently, just select Bitpay as a payment option after the normal process of selecting seats and adding concessions. After that, users can connect their crypto wallet or get an address where to send the cryptocurrency to confirm the purchases. Lastly, it’s a puzzle about how this move by AMC will play out. The reason is that even Tesla stopped selling cars via Bitcoin after just over a month. However, the AMC app supporting purchases through cryptocurrency is far better than AMC’s previous plan to invest in a literal gold mine.

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