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Can Framework Laptops Revolutionize the World of Modular Laptops?

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Framework brought a tech revolution when it launched its Modular laptop in 2021. The laptop, designed with replaceable parts, gained popularity in the tech world and was commended by the Right to Repair community. Most laptops and tech gadgets manufactured today are less modular, with brands using confidential methods of repair and replacement of their accessories. However, the Framework laptop ensures a long-term service, encouraging self-repair methods for users by creating replaceable parts labeled inside its laptop. And guess what? Fixing a Framework laptop with its replaceable parts is a piece of cake. Framework’s repairable laptops allow you to modify and replace its parts by yourself, whenever you want. uniquenewsonline Framework has now launched its second-generation laptop with an upgraded design for first-generation users, thus keeping its promise of modularity. The upgraded new Framework Laptop includes a 12th gen Intel Core CPU (i5 or i7), a higher power battery, and a durable top cover, a better version than the previous one. In addition, it comes with a 13.5-inch screen, keyboard, and trackpad as before. So, the first and second-generation laptops are almost the same. However, the new Framework laptop parts can fit inside the older model. As a result, you can order the upgraded kit online for your first model. That’s amazing, isn’t it? Also, when you swap your first-gen laptop’s mainboard with a new one, you can give your old mainboard to your friend or make a separate computer or another Framework laptop out of it. Framework Laptops The Framework Laptop DIY Edition (11th Gen Intel® Core™) starts at $679. It comes with product support pages and replacement guides for easy installation. In addition, the new Framework laptop comes with pre-built configurations and starts at $1,050. Its upgraded kits for its first-gen laptops will be available soon!

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