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Can People Tell the Difference Between AI-Generated and Human-Written Text?

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source: Penn Today

New Study Shows People Can Learn to Distinguish AI-Generated Text

As AI technology continues to improve, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between sentences generated by AI and those written by humans. With the proliferation of software like ChatGPT, it is becoming increasingly urgent to be able to distinguish between the two.

The Importance of Recognizing AI-Generated Text

Learning to recognize AI-generated text is becoming critical as large-scale language models like ChatGPT are predicted to touch virtually every aspect of our lives. It is important to know whether text messages or emails are scams or genuine, and to be able to determine whether students have written their essays themselves or used a computer-generated text.

Research Study on Spotting AI-Generated Text

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study to determine whether people can distinguish between AI-generated and human-written text. The study used a web-based training game called "Real or Fake Text?" where participants were asked to indicate whether a given text was produced by a machine in a yes-or-no fashion. Participants scored significantly better than random chance, suggesting that people can learn to spot AI-generated text. source: Quanta Magazine

The Limitations of Distinguishing AI-Generated Text

Despite the success of the study, some experts believe that recognizing AI-generated text will become increasingly difficult as AI technology continues to improve. While there are ways to spot machine-generated text, such as formulaic structures and a lack of sarcasm or humor in the text, these giveaways may not always be reliable as AI improves.

The Need for Regulation of AI-Generated Text

To ensure that people can trust the authenticity of the text they are reading, some experts believe that the law should require any creative output generated by a computer to be clearly marked as such. While research is underway to develop programs that can spot machine-generated writing, there is still much work to be done to ensure that people can distinguish between AI-generated text and human writing.

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