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Canada & EU To Miss Out Google Bard Services, & Here’s Why

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Canada & EU To Miss Out Google Bard Services, & Here’s Why-GadgetAny

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Google recently introduced a number of enhancements for its Bard AI service during its I/O developer conference. Although the tech behemoth has increased Bard’s reach to 180 nations, some areas are still not included. specifically the nations of the European Union (EU) and Canada. According to rumors, this decision may have been made because of stringent privacy rules and worries about the possible abuse of AI. The reasons why Google might not be able to make Bard available in certain regions are thoroughly examined in this article.

Google Bard : A Brief Summary

It’s important to comprehend what Bard is and the services it provides before delving into the factors that led to Google Bard’s restricted availability. The tech company created Google Bard, a generative AI, to improve user experiences across a variety of Google goods and services. Workspace, Photos, Android, and Search are a few of these services.

The Absence Of EU & Canada

Bard AI
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Bard is accessible in 180 nations, so it’s interesting that the EU and Canada aren’t included. The strict privacy rules in certain areas, particularly the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), may be the main cause of this. Additionally, this choice may be influenced by worries about the possible abuse and negative effects of AI.

GDPR: A Possible Roadblock

A comprehensive privacy law that offers people control over their personal data is the GDPR. Before collecting or using such data, businesses must get explicit consent. It might be challenging for Google to gather and use the data required to power Bard in the EU as a result of this rule.

Given that AI systems frequently require enormous volumes of data to operate successfully, the interaction between GDPR and AI is complicated. The creation and use of AI systems like Google Bard may be hampered by GDPR’s stringent rules for data collection, storage, and use.

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Concerns about AI’s potential abuse may also be preventing Google from implementing Bard in the EU and Canada. The risks and opportunities of AI are the subject of a report by the European Commission. The paper issues a warning that AI may be employed to propagate false information, influence public opinion, or discriminate against particular groups.

The importance of ethical standards and legislation increases as AI technology develops. In order to address these issues, the EU has been in the lead, calling for regulations on general-purpose AI tools like Google Bard.

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