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Canon's New Powershot V10 is a Pro-Level Vlogging Camera

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Image: Future Canon has entered the market with the Canon Powershot V10, a completely unique product. It features a 1-inch sensor that is largely identical to that of the Canon Powershot G7 X III from 2019, as well as 4K/30p and Full HD 60p video recording and 20MP JPEG picture capture. However, the similarities end there, as do comparisons with the majority of "regular" cameras. What we have here is a distinctive design idea that will arouse strong feelings, but it is also blatantly a vlogging camera. After spending a little amount of time with the Canon Powershot V10, I discovered that a lot of its functionality made sense. It's a minimal and straightforward experience because this camera is designed to be ready to record vlog content at the touch of a button. Let's examine the sweet V10's highlights. [caption id="attachment_171162" align="alignright" width="1200"]Canon Powershot V10 Image: Future[/caption] The pricing of the Canon Powershot V10, which includes a rubber lens cap developed by SmallRig and magnetic windshields for the stereo mics on top of the camera, is $399 (£429; AU$699; available from June 2023). Sony currently rules our list of the best vlogging cameras, and it recently upped the ante with the full-frame Sony ZV-E1. While this camera is overkill for most users, it has unintentionally turned out to be the least expensive method to obtain Sony's greatest full-frame sensor for 4K video. There is no escaping the fact that the Powershot V10's technology, which dates back to the Powershot G7 X III, is dated—at least four years old. It even records to a microSD card and has no internal memory. And even though the technology within has largely been repurposed, it isn't cheap. The V10, though, has a certain charm, and I also like how well-designed and user-friendly it is for the task at hand.

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