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ChatGPT Android App Set To Launch Next Week

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ChatGPT Android App Set To Launch Next Week-GadgetAny

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool, which debuted in November, has amassed a sizable user base at an astonishing rate for anything besides Threads; the business now claims it is prepared to publish an Android app.

A few months after the free iOS software introduced the chatbot to iPhones and iPads, the ChatGPT for Android app is now available.

The business tweeted that ChatGPT for Android would be available next week without specifying a launch date and included a link to a Google Play Store preorder page where users could sign up to be notified when the app was ready for download.

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The Android version of ChatGPT was promised “soon” after the iOS app launched in May, and now it has.

Although the Bard chatbot from Google lacks a specific mobile app to utilize in place of its web-based interface, Microsoft’s Bing app, which uses the Prometheus Model and GPT-4, has been accessible on Android and iOS apps since February if you can’t wait a few days to access ChatGPT via an app.

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Additionally, the app is being released after statistics from Sensor Tower and Similarweb revealed declines in web traffic and app installations in June. Additionally, several users have openly expressed their dissatisfaction with GPT-4 lately, calling it “slower and dumber.” This week, OpenAI addressed the latter assertion and stated that it was still updating the APIs.

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