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ChatGPT is now available in preview on Azure OpenAI Service

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Image credit : Investing News Network Microsoft unveiled the Azure OpenAI Service in preview at its Build conference the previous year, giving users access to some of the most cutting-edge AI language models for a variety of use cases. The service was then made generally available early this year, offering access to further enterprise benefits and a promise that ChatGPT will soon be available on the platform. Microsoft has today made good on its promise by launching ChatGPT in the Azure OpenAI Service, giving developers access to a number of AI-powered applications. To begin with, current chatbot interactions can now be improved for more effective customer support and better automated claims processing. Moreover, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure OpenAI services can be coupled in effective ways to provide knowledge-based retrieval of a company's own data as well as more "trustworthy" responses that develop and enhance interaction patterns. Also read : ChatGPT Craze Sweeps China As Firms Scramble For Home-Grown Options The Office Depot Corporation, Singapore's Smart Nation Digital Government Office, and Icertis are just a few of the companies that Microsoft recognized as using the chatbot in Azure OpenAI Service. The Office Depot Corporation's Carl Brisco, Vice President of Product and Technology, commented on his company's interest in utilizing ChatGPT in this way, noting:
"The Office Depot (ODP) Corporation is excited to leverage the powerful AI technology of ChatGPT from Azure OpenAI Service, made possible through our collaboration with Microsoft. This technology will help [The Office Depot Corporation] drive continued transformation in our business, more effectively explore new possibilities, and design innovative solutions to deliver even greater value to our customers, partners, and associates. [...] By utilizing ChatGPT's natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, [The Office Depot Corporation] aims to streamline its internal operations and drive business success."

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