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Chatgpt Subscribers May Get A ‘GPT Builder’ Option Soon

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We have all the confirmed details about the future of ChatGPT in our coverage of OpenAI’s developer event. Below is the original article. OpenAI is getting ready for its first developer conference, and there's a significant leak about a ChatGPT update. According to The Decoder, leaked screenshots and videos reveal a new chatbot creator for ChatGPT using GPT-4, with features like web browsing and data analysis. OpenAI is also said to be launching a marketplace for users to share or find chatbots created by others. A user named Choi shared a summary of these rumored updates a few days ago. Today, Tibor Blaho, an SEO tools developer, shared a video showing the GPT Builder feature in action. This option lets users input prompts to create a chatbot, specifying its language, tone, style, and capabilities. Users can even add custom actions and test the bot as they edit it. Also Read- OpenAI Secures $2.5 Billion in Funding, Valuation Soars to $32 Billion. Choi also mentioned a new "Team" subscription plan from OpenAI with flexible and annual options, offering features like high-speed GPT-4 and extended context. The non-annual plan is expected to cost $30 per month, while the annual one is priced at $25 per user per month, with a three-user minimum. Recent ChatGPT beta features include live web results, image generation, and voice chat. OpenAI will present more tools at the developer conference, so we'll soon learn if these leaks are accurate.

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