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China reports the first arrest for spreading fake news via ChatGPT.

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Image credit : AI Business China's first arrest in an AI-related investigation has been made as Beijing tightens regulations on deepfake technology. A man in China's Gansu province was apprehended for allegedly using ChatGPT to create a false report on a railway catastrophe. The local police office in Pingliang city said that the tale, which claimed a crash in a city in northwest China's Gansu killed nine construction workers, received more than 15,000 clicks after being posted on social media on April 25. The new deepfake regulations in China prohibit service providers and customers from utilizing such technology to create, disseminate, and fabricate false information. [caption id="attachment_170224" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]GPT-4 Image credit : Computerworld[/caption] The regulations, which became effective on January 10, aim to limit how often generative AI technology is used to change internet material. According to a police statement, a total of 25 Baijiahao accounts, a blog-style platform owned by Chinese tech giant Baidu, reported the "accident" using IP addresses from various locations. According to the report, investigators tracked down all the accounts and discovered his company was involved before identifying and apprehending the suspect, Hong, for fabricating false information. Also read : Reality TV star Matt Wright speaks outs after a warrant issued for his arrest According to local authorities, Hong is accused of editing ChatGPT-produced news and posting it on the Baidu-owned platform. They also stated that their investigation was ongoing.

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