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‘China’s Netflix’ iQiyi rolls out an all-immersive VR ride in Shanghai

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The launch of the Shanghai location of the Chinese video streaming service iQiyi's immersive virtual reality experience was announced on Monday. To give participants the sensation that they are walking—or riding in boats and other vehicles—through a fantasy world complete with waterfalls, powerful winds, and explosions, the project mixes immersive theatre, virtual reality, and physical equipment. Besides from shooting virtual arrows at "adversaries," participants can. The virtual reality experience only needs 300 square meters of area, while seeming like a ride at a theme park, claims the developer. About a square lot of 17.32 meters (56.82 feet) long, that. Chinese online video platform iQiyi, which is funded by Baidu, is occasionally referred to as China's Netflix because it offers TV shows and movies to users. The three other significant video streaming services in China are run by Tencent Video, Youku, a company owned by Alibaba, and Bilibili. The new offering from IQiyi is described as "a spectacular 50-minute VR-powered experience." The experience is based on the 2021 television drama "Luoyang" by iQiyi, which takes place in the same-named ancient Chinese capital. According to a Yelp-like posting on China's DianPing app, tickets range in price from 198 yuan ($29) to 398 yuan. The website indicated that time slots are sold by the hour and are available from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day of the week. According to material on DianPing, the experience is situated in the heart of Shanghai and is scheduled to last through May 18. In contrast to an interactive game, Zhang framed the VR experience as more of a movie. He claimed that in order for standards to satisfy VR criteria, his team was collaborating with the business' content production team. According to IQiyi, artificial intelligence is used to assist in content creation. On Wednesday, the corporation is expected to release its quarterly earnings. Revenue for the third quarter, which concluded on September 30, was $1.1 billion, down 2% from the same period in 2017. According to the business, the quarterly average revenue per membership increased from 13.65 yuan to 13.90 yuan.

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