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Chinese internet titan would introduce its own ChatGPT, report says

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According to a story published on Sunday, ChatGPT competitor and Chinese internet giant Baidu intends to develop its own version. A source who claimed to be knowledgeable about the situation informed Bloomberg, the corporation will reveal its AI-powered chatbot in March. The tool, which has not yet been given a name, will initially be integrated into Baidu's primary search services, the person claimed. Although Chinese IT companies are already developing comparable AI technologies, Baidu's participation would be a watershed event in a new industry with enormous potential to disrupt many others due to its sheer size. Baidu: Chinese search giant Baidu to launch ChatGPT-style bot - The Economic Times Photo Credit: The Economic Times According to Bloomberg, Baidu has already made significant financial investments in creating its Ernie system, an AI tool on which it has been working for many years, and which will serve as the foundation for its forthcoming version of ChatGPT. The California-based OpenAI company's ChatGPT has elevated chatbot technology to entirely new heights. The technology, which was just just unveiled, has been taught using enormous amounts of web data and improved with the use of human feedback, giving it the ability to reply to human instructions in text form in a way that is both natural and imaginative. ChatGPT has so much promise that, despite its current drawbacks, it may eventually replace professionals such as lawyers, professors, and authors. Because it can even generate computer code, programmers will also be keeping an eye on them. However, it's feasible that rather than completely replacing these positions, technology will support and enhance them. Artists are growing increasingly concerned about text-to-image and text-to-video generators like OpenAI's Dall-E2, which could make it difficult for people to make a living from their profession. Similar AI tools are also threatening to disrupt the creative sectors. The fact that computing giant Microsoft just announced a major investment in OpenAI, estimated to be in the neighborhood of $10 billion, is a clue of how crucial the technology underlying these AI tools is set to become. Microsoft just made a huge investment in ChatGPT maker OpenAI. Here's why | ZDNET Photo Credit: ZDNET In response to concerns that Microsoft would employ ChatGPT to enhance its Bing search engine, which could potentially have an impact on Google's primary revenue source, Google's parent company, Alphabet, is likewise investing substantially in creating alternative solutions. The drive to advance ChatGPT and related technologies will only grow as China's web juggernaut Baidu is apparently getting ready to make a serious foray into the market.

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