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Christina Applegate broke down in tears delivering her speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

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Christina Applegate broke down in tears delivering her speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony-GadgetAny
Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate broke down in tears when she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actress, 50, attended the gala in Hollywood to be recognized for her achievements throughout her career in the entertainment sector. She made her first public appearance on Monday since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August 2021.

Applegate was joined by Selma Blair, her co-star in the 2002 film The Sweetest Thing, and her Dead to Me co-star Linda Cardellini as she accepted the award with former Married with Children co-stars Katey Sagal and David Faustino by her side. After a presenter at the event proclaimed November 14 as “Christina Applegate Day” in Hollywood, the Bad Moms star stood in front of a podium to make a statement.

Christina Applegate’s speech at the event

Applegate began her address by joking that Sagal, 68, standing behind her to offer physical and moral support, was there to “steal the thunder.” She then thought back on her life’s journey since she was a young child.

Christina Applegate
Image credit: whas11

She stated, “I’ve had a really interesting life, but the life started as a little girl waiting in line to see the first Star Wars on this very street at that very theater. And looking at these things [the stars] and going, ‘Who are these people? What are these things? Did they do something right? Did they do something wrong? Whatever it is, I want one. I effing want one.'” Applegate continued, “And I was five years old, so this day means more to me than you can possibly imagine.”

She then informed everyone present at the ceremony that she was “going to thank the people I really need to thank” because she couldn’t “stand for too long” during the ceremony. “First of all, [thank you] to my family, who have spoken here today,” she said, referring to Sagal, Faustino, Cardellini, and Dead to Me creator Liz Feldman. The actress addressed Sagal and Faustino, “You are my everything. I love that I started with you two and ended with you two,” calling the duo “my people” and “my loves.”

Christina Applegate
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Furthermore, Applegate joked as she thanked her team, who she has been working with for more than 20 years, “My mom used to say changing agents is like changing deck chairs on the Titanic. I’ve stuck with mine, so I guess we’re going down all together.” She then added, “I don’t say that I have friends, I have family. These people take care of me. They take care of me every day of my life, and without them, I don’t know what I would do.”

More details about her speech

Later, as she expressed her gratitude to her daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble, 11, whom she shares with her husband Martyn LeNoble, Applegate became noticeably more upset.

“And lastly, the most important person in this world is my daughter. You are so much more than even you know,” she stated. “You are so beautiful and kind and loving and smart and interesting, and I am blessed every day that I get to wake up and take you to your school.” Applegate also said that her daughter is her “everything,” thanking her “for standing beside me through all of this.”

Christina Applegate
Image credit: etonline

After that, Applegate made a quick remark regarding her MS diagnosis, joking, “Oh, by the way, I have a disease. Did you not notice? I’m not wearing shoes! Anywho, you’re supposed to laugh at that.” She then concluded her speech by saying, “Thank you so much, this is an incredible honor.”

On another note, Christina Applegate has previously dealt with health issues, such as being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, having a double mastectomy performed on her, having her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in 2017, going through surgery-induced menopause in 2018, and struggling with insomnia. She received her MS diagnosis last year as she was filming the third season of her Netflix comedy series Dead to Me.

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