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Chromebook’s New Software Suite Enhances Video Editing for Movie Creation

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Google Photos and ChromeOS get a refresh with Chromebook's new video edition feature. Google made an announcement on Wednesday that it is introducing new features and apps on Chromebook to enhance the user's creativity and productivity. In the coming months, Chromebook will include movie and video editing tools in the Google Photos app and ChromeOS. So, for example, it would help you create a quick music reel, video, or edit your selfie safely and efficiently. The movie editing tools will have advanced features for regular users and beginner video editors. The software will help users easily edit their videos, adding themes, music, filters, and templates with a few clicks. You need to spend some time and have a learning curve to know how to create a well-edited movie. However, Google Photos’ refreshed tools help you make excellent quality movies with just a few clicks. The intelligently suggested themes help you to easily direct a movie or short film from scratch on your Chromebook. In addition, you can add title cards, music, or an audio to create your favorite music. You can start by selecting a theme, add images of your pets, friends, or yourself, and Google Photos will start making a movie using your added images and photos all on its own. It will intuitively select your best moments that add meaning to the video from your long videos to help create the best film for you. Chromebook's New Software Moreover, the LumaFashion multi-track video editor helps professional editors to add visual effects, graphics, color grading, audio tracks, sound effects, transitions and distortions, narration, etc. Furthermore, you can trim your video clips, and edit their brightness, contrast, color, etc., whether you use a theme or start afresh. Also, you can apply the Real Tone Filters that can merge with all skin tones and select the look and style suitable for your movie type. Finally, add finishing touches to personalize your editing with music and title cards to create an eye-catching movie at your comfort. Google Photos' searching abilities powered with AI, as Google says, "intelligently selects" and organizes your photos or video clips that will match your editing needs. It can merge with Chromebook's Gallery and Files, helping you to edit media in Google Photos when you open them in your Gallery app. Google photos also allow you to create videos using previously saved Chromebook images and videos. Moreover, the upgraded Google Photos lets you add wallpapers to your smart device home screen and integrates with Google Calendar. In addition, you can add light and dark themes and a new PDF editor. Chromebook's versatile and user-friendly features and apps let you enhance your creativity from a newbie to a pro, whether you want to make a reel or a short film of your fun camping site with friends.

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