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Cisco upgrades Webex on iPad with Stage Manager and better multitasking

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Image Source: Kinly It's been quite some time since we've seen a story about how iPads continue to progress into ideal devices for mobile corporate experts, so it's worth noting that Webex by Cisco has brought something special in the shape of multi-window functionality for Webex Meetings on iPad.

A preferable way to meet online

This is good news for anyone who wishes to exchange material with others in a meeting since it makes the process easier and more powerful. It accomplishes this by allowing users to pop out shared information like presentations from the Webex Meetings screen while retaining a focused view of the expanded content independently on an iPad — as well as on a linked desktop monitor. The new functionality is the latest example of Apple and Cisco's collaboration. When the two companies started working together in 2015, they unveiled plans “to create a fast lane for iOS business users by optimizing Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps, integrating iPhone with Cisco enterprise environments and providing unique collaboration on iPhone and iPad.” Jeetu Patel, executive vice president, and general manager for security and collaboration at Cisco, elaborated- “With hybrid work so prevalent today, employees require flexibility in when, where and how they work — coupled with an exceptional user experience. At Cisco, this is core to everything we do. I’m proud of our continued collaboration with Apple to enhance the experience of Webex on iOS for hybrid workers.” [caption id="attachment_127205" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image Source: MyTechDecisions[/caption]

What is new for iPad in Webex?

Getting back to the Webex feature enhancement, the goal is for iPad users to be able to see both meeting attendees and the content they want to discuss with those participants on either a single or a pair of connected desktops. This implies that during multitasking, users may communicate on one screen while focusing on the popped-out material on the other. That follows Cisco's announcement last year of Picture in Picture support for Webex Meetings for iPad and iPhone. But, this goes beyond that, since it also implies that an iPad user may observe other meeting participants on their iPad while seeing the shared information on a second screen, such as a wired or wirelessly linked monitor. You may move windows by clicking the "Move to Display" button.

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