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Clean These Things Yourself When Checking Into a Hotel Room

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When Checking Into a Hotel Room

Although hotels have a cleaning staff to make us feel comfortable and clean during our stay, they could still miss some things. So, there might be certain things you need to clean yourself when you check into a hotel room. And if you are a germaphobe or staying at a budget hotel, this need becomes all the more essential. So, here’s a roundup of what all you need to do when you check into a hotel room –

1. Clean the most touched surfaces

Having a pack of disinfectant wipes with you when you check into your hotel room is useful. You can use them to wipe down the objects or surfaces you touch the most in the room. According to a Redditor, they always wipe down these surfaces in a hotel room:

When Checking Into a Hotel Room

  • The television remote
  • Nightstands
  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • The toilet handle
  • The phone
  • The fridge handle

You can also wipe down some more high-touch items or surfaces like the knob of the drawers, etc. in your hotel room to get some peace of mind that everything is clean and safe.

2. Wash the coffee maker, utensils, glasses, etc.

Most hotel rooms offer coffee machines, electric water pots, glasses, mugs, etc. Sometimes, these cups and utensils are sealed individually and disposable. However, often these utilities are ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. In such cases, it’s wise to wash them once before use. Additionally, if there is a coffee maker in your hotel room, run it through a cleaning cycle before use. 

3. Take items from your home

Take items from your home

If it’s possible, take your own towels and sheets from your home during your hotel stay. Besides, a 2019 survey by QS Supplies already revealed that about one in ten people take their own bed sheets to hotels, and that was before the pandemic. Besides, this idea is pretty popular on Reddit. Furthermore, you can also take a pair of flip-flops solely for walking around in your room.

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Bottom line

There are many of us who prefer using our own towels or sheets wherever we go. In addition, there are people who are neat freaks. Plus, the pandemic made us all a bit germ conscious—or maybe a lot. As a result, today, people are much more concerned about cleanliness and hygiene than ever before. Hence, these tips could be very useful to them, especially if they are planning a stay away from home. 

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