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Coco Austin says she can be "sexy" and "still be a mother"

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Coco Austin is demonstrating her ability to be sexy and "still be a mother." According to the model, she doesn't "think people need to change after having a child," Tamron Hall reported on Tuesday.
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The actress, 43, who shares 6-year-old daughter Chanel with her husband Ice-T said, "I think people thought, being Coco, I was gonna have a child and start dressing different [and] acting different, but it’s like, I’m still myself but a motherly self." Austin continued, "I can still have my sexiness and still be a mother. I don’t have to shut that down.” Additionally, she stated that she is "not dumber" because she wears "tighter" clothing. She addressed the "Tamron Hall" audience, "This is the way I feel good." Furthermore, Austin sobbed as Hall, 52, spoke with the "Ice Loves Coco" actress about the mom-shaming she has experienced over the years from online trolls. The former reality star remarked, "I’m underneath a microscope all the time, and you don’t hear what good you do. You just hear a lot of bad. And I know I’m a good mother.”

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Austin also went into detail about particular criticisms, such as Chanel being breastfed in 2021 and being pushed in a stroller the following year. The "Playboy" model claimed that nursing her child wasn't a "nutritional thing," adding, "It’s more of a bonding moment for us.”
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Moreover, she expressed to talk show viewers that she was "baffled" by the response regarding the stroller. Austin recounted, "If she wasn’t in a stroller, she’d have asked me to carry her. I thought this was the last picture someone would attack me [for].” On another note, over the years, Ice-T, 64, has frequently defended his wife. He even sent Hall a video in which he lauded Austin's parenting abilities. The "Law & Order: SVU" star gushed in the message, "You are the most incredible person I’ve ever met, the nicest person I’ve ever met, and the best mother to Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine." For those unaware, the actor has been wed to Coco Austin since January 2002 and the couple renewed their vows ten years later.

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